2022 Grant Recipient

Educational Justice, Inc.

AWARD: $100,000


PROJECT: Educational Justice Activist Program

PROJECT IMPACT: The Education Justice Activist Program provides free tutoring to under-resourced youth and engages high-achieving high school students as tutors and mentors to bridge the gap of educational inequity.

Organization Statement: To end educaitonal inequity by pairing a 5th-8th grade student with a high-achieving high school student for long-term academic mentorship aimed at both improving academic performance and providing a meaningful student leadership experience.

Major Recent Successes:

  • Grew from 12 students in 2015 to 408 students in 2019
  • All middle school scholars advanced to 9th grade
  • Successfully maintained ongoing student participation in virtual learning during Covid

How this funding will impact this organization:  

Education Justice (EJ) was formed by a group of idealistic tutors who realized that under-resourced students did not have equal access to tutoring.  We launched an initiative top identify and train high school students to become dedicated tutors ("Activists").  once matched, Activist-Scholar pairs meet for supervised one-on-one tutoring sessions every week during the school year.

EJ has a five-year goal to serve 10% of our middle school population, approximately 2,800 students.  As the only free, peer-to-peer tutoring program in the Louisville area that pairs middle school students with high school peers, EJ aims to expand its scale and mission impact.

With Impact100 Louisville's investment, EJ can increase the number of students served.  We will achieve this in four ways:

First, develop a more robust marketing plan to keep students, parents, school and community partners informed about how they can enroll in our programs.

Second, hold scholar/tutor meetups throughout the year to build rapport, strengthen relationships and supplement online tutoring.

Third, complete the development of an innovative digital matching tool that helps students select a tutor who best matches their interests and academic needs.

Fourth, improve the teaching and learning capabilities in our virtual classroom.

Wish List: 

  • Laptops/Chromebooks
  • Digital Tablets
  • Wi-Fi Hotspots
  • Gift Cards for Incentives
  • Event/Meeting Space