2022 Grant Recipient

Hildegard House Incorporated

AWARD: $100,000


PROJECT: Hildegard House Expansion Project 

PROJECT IMPACT: A meaningful life and a peaceful, dignified death for at least 68 more people each year.

Organization Statement: To provide compassion and care to dying individuals with no home or family so that they may die with dignity.

Major Recent Successes:

  • We have served over 125 individuals at the end of their lives
  • We don't charge a fee
  • We are run by volunteers with a 92% volunteer retention rate
  • We have a passionate Board of Directors and committed long term donors

How this funding will impact this organization:  

The toughest day at Hildegard House is when someone wants to live with us, and all our beds are full.

At Hildegard House, Kentucky's first and only comfort care home, we serve mostly older people at the end stage of life, some homeless, and all without caregivers.  Our goal is to accept residents during their last three months, but the length of stay varies; the average stay is 3-4 weeks.

Trained volunteers and staff are the extended family for each resident.  Every resident has access to a hospice team composed of a nurse, an aide, a social worker, and a chaplain.  Meals, laundry, housekeeping, and companionship provide part of our home setting.  

Last quarter alone there were 25 people we could not serve.  There is a vital need, and we are only able to meet a fraction of it.  The Impact100 Louisville grant for our expansion will help us meet that need.  In May 2022 we purchased a small shotgun house in order to provide 3-4 more beds which allow us to serve about 68 more people each year.  The grant money would go far to help us complete the renovation and accept residents into the new home by mid-2023. 

Wish List: 

  • Long Twin Sheet
  • 3 Flat-Screen TV's
  • Canned Soft Drinks
  • Bottled Water
  • Kroger Cards