Annual Event.- November 2022

Co-Founder of Impact100 Louisville, Dani Kannapell, was living in Florida for the winter when she received an invitation to an event sponsored by Impact100 South Palm Beach County. She had never heard of the organization and didn't attend the event. The next winter, when two more invitations arrived, her interest was piqued. She saw a name on the invitation list she recognized and called her friend to talk about the organization. After having spent years feeling her giving had had no impact, the concept of Impact 100 sounded incredible. She attended the event and, in retrospect, realized it had been a fact-finding mission for a Louisville chapter. When Dani got back to Louisville in the summer of 2019, she told a friend about Impact 100 who then connected her with a staff member at the Community Foundation of Louisville. With her encouragement, Dani was convinced that starting a Louisville chapter was definitely doable, especially given the Community Foundation's offer to act as a resting place while the chapter got established. Dani began talking to friends and family about this new way of giving.  Finally, after a few tries, her daughter, Carey Goldstein, patiently listened to the compelling concept, and decided it was something she would like to help start with her mom. Thus, Impact100 Louisville was born! Dani says that Carey has everything they needed to launch - energy, youth, and especially, great friends with great friends.

At their first event, on September 30 of last year at Dani's home, 13 women attended - including Dani, Carey, and a representative from the Community Foundation to give them credibility. One woman joined that day and all have since become Founding Members. The first Open House was in October, and by April 30 of 2020, Impact100 Louisville had 206 members, all of whom have begun an important, exciting, and incredible journey together.

For more information about how Impact100 started, see our council story.